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    Possible cult ritual site of early Viking kings discovered

    I must admit I thought the same, they probably just had a really good night lol
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    Soviet female fighter pilots of the Second World War

    Female aviation units in Russia excelled and one was even the most decorated regiment in the whole soviet air force. How much did women contribute to the fighting of the war, and why isn’t more written about it, considering how popular women’s history is these days...
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    Battle of Agincourt Revisited

    This is interesting reserch, but a long way to go before accepted history gets changed I think. Even if the numbers were quite even, it was still a great victory as a group of archers defeated a group of better trained, higher class knights.
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    Explanation for the Depopulation of the native americans

    The point about Columbus is that he was ruthless, even by the standards of his times. While in the new world, he was arrested by a chief Justice who had been sent there spacificly to arrest him. He was led away in chains for his crimes (he was also particularly nasty to Spanish settlers)...
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    Possible cult ritual site of early Viking kings discovered

    A large mud building has been found in Lejre, near Roskilde in Denmark and is believed by archaeologists to be ether a cult place or a beer hall of Viking kings." [Broken]
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    This day in history - The Battle of Trafalgar

    On 21st of October 1805, history was made when Admiral Lord Nelson defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Trafalgar." [Broken]
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    The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant

    According to a new historical documentary, Henry VIII underwent a serious personality change following a serious jousting accident. The accident changed him from a sporty, out going and generous man to a cruel and paranoid one, changing the way his subjects and those close to him saw him...
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    Indian history

    I found this really interesting, a Native American creation myth. [Broken]
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    Explanation for the Depopulation of the native americans

    Although disease did kill a large number, the percentage was around the same as Jews who died from disease during WW II. Right from the start, Columbus butchered people and rounded them up in what were effectively concentration camps, facilitating the spread of diseases and making any...