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    Theories of specific heat.

    yes. thank you. i get it
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    Theories of specific heat.

    I HAV A Q TO MOHAMMAD: its abt the dulong and petits law. i know that it says that the sp heat and the wt of higher elements multiply to give 6 cal......., and the sp heat (molar) OF the substances is equal to 3R at RTP. but i dnt think i believe this. i wanna know one thing, the total no of...
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    Proof of Volume of a Sphere

    i havent read all the replies, but there is a classic greek proof to this problem. take a hemisphere of radius "r", a cone and cylinder of radius=height=(r) then, volume of cylinder is pi r^3 and of the cone is 1/3*pi r^3 thus, all we need is to find the volume of the hemisphere if 2...
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    Has this equation got a solution?

    hallsoff expalined it neatly. though in real no systems, there is only a positive square root to a number, it is also probable that the negative no be the root. therefore, for eevery squareroot sign, we write a +-.