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    Buckministerfullerene (C60)

    "The fullerenes are a recently-discovered family of carbon allotropes named after Buckminster Fuller. They are molecules composed entirely of carbon, in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube." ~ Sorry buddy, but either you misheard, your professor...
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    Changes in glass after heating

    Gokul is right, a diamond is really strong, but it's also really brittle. Which is why you can break diamonds with a hammer. On the other hand elastic bands are fairly weak and if you stretch them enough it breaks without much force, but they're not brittle at all, you can fold it and bend it...
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    Chem Concept

    Yes, thats what I meant. And my teacher understands and explains this but he is at a loss as to explain why in a galvanic cell the positive ions move towards a positive electrode.
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    Chem Concept

    Not sure what you mean by "a cathode is always a cathode". If you are refering to the fact that a Cathode can be both +ve and -ve (as well as an anode) then yes he has explained that fact. That rather then anode and cathode being specified by charge that it is specified due to which is oxidized...
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    Chem Concept

    My chem teacher is having trouble explaining the a particular happening in a fuel cell to the class. In a galvanic cell +ve ions move towards the +ve electrode and -ve to the -ve. In electrolytic cells the +ve ions move towards the -ve electrode and -ve to the +ve. He says that the reason why it...