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    LaTeX Figures in LaTex

    try checking into various packages such as placeins. Figures are "floats" so you really have to force it to go somewhere using tables or whatever.
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    MATLAB ARGH Matlab trouble

    If you haven't already figured it out, there's nothing much to an .m file. Since i do not warez matlab, i'm using vim (a text editor) and octave. Basically what goes in a .m file is something like this function returnValue = f(x) returnValue = 2*x^2 + 3*x+2 end format long %for...
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    MATLAB Matlab Emergency

    heh, last night (long night, ended at 3:30am, gotta love engineering) at the end of everything i was using octave (GNU/Matlab :P) and i was piping the results out to a text file, but tired me hit tab (in bash) and piped over my matlab file :(
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    Maple Maple question

    Yeh, but there's still saddle points to deal with. (2nd derivate check) Look it up in a good calculus textbook and the write out the procedure in maple...
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    Mathematica Maple or Mathematica?

    As an engineer i use maple and matlab lots. Maybe i'm a little biased because my school helps develop it with waterloo so it's unofficially taught but it's pretty nice and straight forward for calculus and linear algebra. I usually find that if i'm going to use mathematica i might as well use...