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    I'd like to Pursue a Career related to chaos theory

    I have a BS in math and to think of it Chaos theory was why I got into this field to begin with. Which educational/career path should i follow from now on?
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    Refrence math handbook

    mmm. Very Good. Thank you Also someone suggested What do you think? I don't even know if they are in the same category.
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    Refrence math handbook

    What is the best reference handbook in math? I am an undergraduate math student. I need a handbook in case something skips my mind like a function or formulas .... In the huge field of math that happens a lot. I need a handbook because I find it hard to carry my library around. and math...
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    Limit using L'hospital's rule

    when x ->0 sinx/x ->1
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    Pigeonhole Principle & irrational numbers

    yes, but considering that 1 <= j <= n we have n different js. that leaves us with n pigeons (js) and n pigeonholes (intervals). :biggrin: and no useful conclusion. and why only irrational numbers?!
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    Pigeonhole Principle & irrational numbers

    Homework Statement Let x be an irrational number. Show that the absolute value of the difference between jx and the nearest integer to jx is less than 1/n for some positive integer j not exceeding n. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Ok, I know that it should be solved using...