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    What is heat-transfer coefficient alpha

    Hi everyone! I would like to confirm if heat-transfer coefficient α units in SI are W/m2 K. I have to use heat-transfer coefficient α in this formula: Heat-transfer resistance: 1/k = δ/λ + 1/α Where δ is material thickness and λ is thermal conductivity Thank you!
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    Specific heat of solution

    It's possible to calculate the latent heats of fusion and the specific heat of a solution of H2O and NaCl? In some cases, it would have two latent heats of fusion? For example, at 10% NaCl, one at -21ºC and another at -5ºC? Thanks!
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    Design thermal container

    Hello everyone, first of all, thank you very much for reading. I have to design a container (100 mm of height and 80 mm of interior radius of XPS) to keep a cryogenic mix (water and salt ice) at -15ºC at least for 40min. And my problem is to calculate the optimum thickness of XPS. I've been...