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    Chair leg pressure problem geez

    Chair leg pressure problem....geez Homework Statement A 63kg person sitting on 3.5kg chair. Four legs contact the floor, each leg with circle 1.2cm in diameter. Find pressure exerted on floor by each leg of chair (weight evenly distributed). Homework Equations [{(person mass) +...
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    Formula Derivation

    In solving the problem of the least force needed to hold a board against the wall to prevent it from sliding down when the cof is known...the formula of F=mg/f was used to come up with the correct answer. Having found this formula in solving the problem it would be beneficial to also understand...
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    Help with visualizing this problem

    Help with visualizing this problem.... I am having a bit of brain lock-up at the moment...and just can not seem to see my way through this problem. A vehicle takes "t" to travel one mile. If the vehicle's speed was 5 mph faster then the "t" to travel the one mile would of been 11 seconds...
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    Cube Deceleration Problem

    A 0.5m cube is sitting on top, and at the end, of a 1m wide by 3m long board. Both the cube and board are traveling at a constant velocity of 10 m/s. The board begins to decelerate at -8.5 m/s squared. The cube decelerates across the top of the board at -3 m/s squared. How much time will it take...
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    Sliding Blocks Problem

    Two blocks, a one foot cubic block in sitting on top a four foot cubic block. Both blocks are moving forward at 36 fps and instantly begin to decelerate...the larger block with cof of .9 (-28.98 fps/sqr) and the top block with cof of .3 (-9.66 fps/sqr). Trying to determine the time/distance...
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    Car vs pedestrian collision

    This physics problems has me stumped....a vehicle is braking at the time of a collision with a pedestrian. The vehicle is decelerating on a coefficient of friction (cof) of a 0.88. The vehicle and pedestrian reach a common velocity at the windshield of 35 fps. The pedestrian decelerates...