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    Finding the Probability distribution function given Moment Generating Function

    Hi everyone, So I am taking a statistics course and finding this concept kinda challenging. wondering if someone can help me with the following problem! Suppose X is a discrete random variable with moment generating function M(t) = 2/10 + 1/10e^t + 2/10e^(2t) + 3/10e^(3t) + 2/10e^(4t)...
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    Critical Points - Multivariable Calc

    Hi, i was wondering if someone could please help to find and classify the critical points of : f(x,y) = (x-y)^2 What i know: I got fx = 2(x-y) and fy = -2(x-y) and in order to find the critical points we need to solve: 2(x-y) =0 -2(x-y) = 0 so if x =y then the above hold. where...
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    Inner products

    Hi, I was wondering how would i determine if <p,q> = p(0)q(0)+ p(1)q(1) is an inner product for P2. I know, we have to check for non-negativity, symmetry and linearity. Just not sure how. thanks!
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    Calculus III Proof

    Hi! I was wondering if someone could give me a couple hints on how to tackle the following proof! Let f(x,y)= [ (lxl ^a)(lyl^b) ]/ [(lxl^c) + lyl^d] where a,b,c,d are positive numbers. prove that if (a/c) + (b/d) > 1 then limit as (x,y) -> (0,0) of f(x,y) exists and equals zero. thanks!
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    Linear Mappings & Proofs

    1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me to solve the following problem! Let L : [R][n] ->[R][m] and M :[R][m]-> [R][m] be linear mappings. Prove that if M is invertible, then rank (M o L) = rank (L) thanks!! :)