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    Antimatter questions

    I just hava a few questions about antimatter. Does it have gravity? Can you compress it into a singularity?, and if so what would happen if you were pulled towards it? Does it have entropy? Could you use it to destroy black holes? An isotope of carbon(C-22?) decays and produces antimatter...
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    Build your own Vasimr-type drive

    First off; get the fuel tank, get the fuel supply lines and attach to ionisation chamber. Ionisation chamber- get a small metal semicircular dish, and weld in americium isotops (to make it ionise the gas) Put in some small holes for the fuel supply lines. Heating chamber- This is a larger...
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    Autonomous satilite

    <first post> Would it be possible to program an autonomous satilite? (collecting its own Fuel and power from the sun?) It is possible to collect hydrogen from solar winds It is possible to charge hydrogen ions like a battery (static charge, using a van-dagraph generator) Salilites have solar...