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  1. Fooality

    Omnidirectional air conditioner allowed by physics?

    I know heat is a form of energy, and that’s conserved, so usually an air conditioner will emit heat on one side, cooling on the other, probably increasing the overall heat in total. What’s not clear to me is if it always must do this, specifically if the air conditioner produces another form...
  2. Fooality

    I Status of quantum computing

    Quantum computers are in use now.
  3. Fooality

    Does combustion have to produce gaseous CO2?

    I'm not a chemist, but I'm interested in it. What I am trying to understand is why its so hard to get energy from fossil fuels without being able to sequester the carbon released in some kind of liquid form. I understand how piston engines use the expansion of gases (through combustion) to work...
  4. Fooality

    Help with Kolmogorov Complexity proof

    Hey, has anyone here done Kolmogorov complexity? I hadn't, and I was just reading the Wikipedia page to start learning it. The core concept makes sense: The Kolmogorov complexity for a a string s, K(s) is equivalent to the length of a program that generates that string (It can be any math...