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  1. praveenpandiyan

    Extension of rod -- help please

    Homework Statement see attachement Homework Equations dl= PL/AE The Attempt at a Solution as you see here my youngs modulus E varies linearly. i doubt that adding up E1 &E2 wld give solution.. any help?
  2. praveenpandiyan

    Airys stress function -- structures

    Homework Statement For (fi)= (b/6) x*y3 +C*xy show that simply supported beam of 2L loaded concentrated load at mid span.,the stress function satisfy loading condition is (fi) .treat concentrated load as shear stress suitably distributed to shoot this function. so that intergtal of limit (h to...
  3. praveenpandiyan

    Harmonic function. vibration

    Homework Statement three harmonic function of frequency p, 2p ,3p were added together. what is the frequency of resultant periodic function? Homework Equations X=Asin(wt) A-amplitude w-frequency X=X1+X2+X3 The Attempt at a Solution need a hint ..
  4. praveenpandiyan

    Solid hollow shaft

    Homework Statement internal diameter of a hollow shaft is two third of its external diameter .if it is melted and new solid shaft is made.what would happen to the shaft resistance of torsion. in percentage? Homework Equations as i know T/j=G*angle of twist/length. torsional...
  5. praveenpandiyan

    Calculating landing distance for Flight

    Homework Statement An a/c has an approach speed of45 m/s with descent angle of 7.1 deg. if the a/c load factor is 1.2 and constant deceleration at touch down is .25g (g=9.81).its total landing distance approx over a 15m high obstacle is Homework Equations R=v/g(n-1) Sa=(h-hf)/tan( teta)...
  6. praveenpandiyan

    Rocket propulsion

    well. I have this question. That my rocket is launched from mar in an return mission to earth. To calculate specific impulse of the rocket. Should i consider mar or earth gravity and if why!? Help me with this