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  1. sheldon

    Subliminal messages

    Do subliminal messages really work? Do they have the ability to motivate or control you? I was checking this one out and it kinda worked but would like other opinions. Let me know what you think.
  2. sheldon

    Custom chopper

    I am building a custom chopper, hardtail frame. I am learning as I go and I had a video to help me but my vcr ate it. Does anybody know about transmission mounting or anything about bikes?
  3. sheldon

    Many universes like there are solar systems in a galaxy

    If there were many universes like there are solar systems in a galaxy and like there are many galaxies in the universe, What would you call it?
  4. sheldon

    I encountered the essence of my soul

    I encountered the essence of my soul under the tree of knowledge but the instant it appeared I realized the difference in the two. I could only utter its profound meaning in an unknown language of the heart that I didn't really understand so I divided my self into halves and then quarters and...
  5. sheldon

    Radio vision

    Lets take a unidirectional antenna. The waves you aquire are transformed into light that you can see. You designate the freq. into specific colours and what would you see?
  6. sheldon

    What fire is?

    This may be a stuppid question. I don't realy care though. I realy am haveing hard time understanding what fire is? The flame of light. There are certain things I know, like it needs fuel and oxygen and heat to start. Once it is started it will just live on its own until something runs out. What...
  7. sheldon

    Mighty mouse

    I saw on the discovery channel that genetisists have injected a mouse with a virus that had a chunk of DNA on it. The DNA was for muscle growth and this mouse was huge and stayed that way. What the heck. That freaked me out. How does this trojen horse style gene injecting thing work? Even if one...
  8. sheldon

    Trying to create a logging system

    I am trying to create a logging system simaler to this site. I don't need all the bells and whistles, just want to add posts to a thread. I can't seem to make it update the new page with the edited information? can anybody help
  9. sheldon

    What exactly is intuition

    I was wondering what exactly is intuition. I looked it up and basicly it is knowing without knowing. Like an instinctive knowledge. How can knowledge come from nowhere?
  10. sheldon

    Resistor puzzle

    If you have 12 resistors, each rated for 600ohms, how could you arrange them to make a total resistance of 500ohms?
  11. sheldon

    Wacked alternative energy ideas

    I had started an alternative energy thread in the tech. area. I have some wacked ideas about alternative power sources that are out of the realm of what are sound ideas for the logical person. Because of this I thought that if I posted here I could get some open minded thoughts and ideas on...
  12. sheldon

    Working on a large battery system

    You may think I am in the wrong area for this thread, but this is not about ghosts per say. I was working on a large battery system that is suppose to be floating in referance to ground. These batteries are gel cells and are haveing problems with leaks. These leaks are causing ground faults in...
  13. sheldon

    What are pc BOTS

    what are BOTS, my computer was locking up a lot, I was doing some research and found a spybot program that found some parasites on my computer, I zapped them and I am fine now. I found this interesting that I couldn't find them otherwise and was curious what uses they had and are there good ones...
  14. sheldon

    Resonance, acoustical resonant frequency of objects

    I have been trying to figure out the acoustical resonant frequency of objects. I think their are engineering formulas that could be used. For example if you have a 1x1x1inch block square of iron, at what acousticaly resonant frequency would it be tuned to? I imagine the shape would have...
  15. sheldon

    Windows Run, what are the programs that can be ran

    I am not a computer genius, and was wondering if you computer guru's could help me in an area. My question is this, if you go to start then to run on windows, what are the programs that can be ran? For instance I know of one which is "msconfig" that allows you to change startup programs and many...
  16. sheldon

    Alternative Energy Sources

    As we know, the United States consumes more power than any other country in the world. The success of the U.S. can be directly related to its power consumption. Most of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels (Coal) that puts Co2 in the atmosphere, this is causing major pollution. The...