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  1. zk4586

    Parking ticket

    If I have an unpaid parking ticket (parking meter violation) and I go to trade in my car, will I have to pay that before the dealer will buy back the car? The ticket was originally only for $10, but I think it's up to $35, since it's more than 30 days past the required payment date. If I just...
  2. zk4586

    Does anyone know Polish?

    I could use your help with a little translation if you do. That's an English into Polish translation. Thanks.
  3. zk4586

    Secular reading at baccalaureate. Give me suggestions.

    Since it is "highly recommended" that all seniors attend the baccalaureate service after my high school graduation, and since the religious nature of such a service makes me uncomfortable, I was thinking of asking the principal to include a secular reading at the baccalaureate. If she agrees...
  4. zk4586

    The Crucible, Arthur Miller

    Anybody have a copy of the play? I'm hoping someone could type out the first part of Proctor's speech during Act IV, when he realizes that he can't lie to save himself. It starts off like: "Because it is my name! Because I can never have another in my life! Because I am not worth the dust on...
  5. zk4586

    Connection between existentialism and idealism? Help.

    Does existentialism have to do with idealism? I mean, in the sense that nothing exists outside of the minds' awareness of it? Sort of like Berkeley's idea? Do they have anything to do with eachother?
  6. zk4586

    Who knows latin? Help please.

    Someone translate this for me if you will: Que le den por el saco al obispo.
  7. zk4586

    G0 phase in mitosis

    Can someone tell me some of the hypothesized causes of why a cell will enter into the resting G0 phase (that's, G-zero phase) during mitosis? My AP bio. textbook doesn't say why the cell will sometimes pause before DNA replication.
  8. zk4586

    My recent insomnia led me to think

    Being as it's summer and I don't have school I've been spending everyday -- and, recently, every night because I haven't been sleeping well -- reading. Well, I had an idea the other night, so I wanted to see what everyone else thought, and find out if I came up with something novel or if I'm...
  9. zk4586

    My house is like an intellectual desert

    I honestly don't think my parents have ever had an intelligent thought in their lives. My mother couldn't sit through the last ten minutes of a radio program on virtue because she wanted to watch television. She said that at her age (late 40's) she has no desire to think about life, and that all...
  10. zk4586

    Reagan homework help.

    Can any tell me, or point me to a site, or whatever about how reaganomics divided people up into various tax brackets. Specifically, who was considered wealthy?
  11. zk4586

    Gah! Help me find the word I'm thinking of!

    Is there a long word that means seperation of church and state? I think it starts with an "A". Help! Please!
  12. zk4586

    First year of college

    Alright, so, lets say I decide to major in philosophy and possibly double major, or at least minor, in some social science (psychology, anthropology, ect.), what would I be required to take my first year? Not classes that have to do with my major, just other classes. Are there certain classes I...
  13. zk4586

    Postmodernism why is it so vilified?

    I'm curious as to why the postmodernist movement and postmodern ideas have not only been rejected but have been downright vilified by so many academicians, what are your opinions?
  14. zk4586

    How do you all find such small avatars?

    How do you all find such small avatars? 64 by 64, that's tiny! I can't find anything on google that comes anywhere close to that small.
  15. zk4586

    Social philosophy books, where to start?

    What would you recommend?