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  1. Labguy

    News Release on Black Hole [Broken] If this were the case as explained, wouldn't we be detecting in X-ray also?
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    One million pounds of thrust?

    Don't laugh guys, but I'm familiar with a lot of general astronomy stuff but my question will seem very stupid.,:cry: About rockets, etc. I was thinking today (dangerous) and realized I don't know the answer to: Samples: (hypothetical) 1. Space shuttle and all weighs 5 million pounds and...
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    Solar and Lunar exposure tables information

    I don't remember if I have ever posted these here before, but if I did it was a very long time ago. Some of these are worth keeping for you astrophoto buffs out there and I have found the exposure tables to be spot-on. For f/ratios not listed, it is easy to see where to start for bracketing...
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    White Dwarfs, > Chandra Mass?

    Other posts and discussion have left at least one thing clear. That is that only Carbon-Oxygen white dwarf stars will become Type Ia supernovae if enough mass is accreted to exceed MChandra, about 1.39 solar masses. Others can use the more common 1.44 Msolar since it isn't important to detail...
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    Stargazing Solar corona photo

    It isn't posted here, but my solar corona photo is posted on today. Format there allows larger size.
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    Change in Triple-Alpha Process?

    Just came across this, didn't see it posted elsewhere. Could be significant in our stellar evolution models. (?)
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    Stargazing Solar eclipses, total and annular

    I like solar eclipses, total and annular:
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    Frame Dragging and Albert

    I presume that you have seen this?
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    A simple Chart

    Seems that not much gets posted here lately. The link is to a simple chart that answers (in advance) some of the questions asked here. Note in particular the abundance label at the bottom of each class, with M Class stars being 80% ! See how few of the biggies (Class O, B and A) are either...
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    Today's Bad News? (re: Spirit)

    Today's Bad News? [Broken] Bummer
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    Colliding Galaxies; Hot Gas; New News

    Another "new" release from NASA. Just click to join and you'll get these every day. So, I won't post these anymore. This subject has been discussed here on PF before, but this release should answer some of the questions asked...
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    Binary Stars; Relativity Too!

    Some "new" relaeases of interest also here in General Astronomy. Merits discussion in this forum too, I think. Go to PF post:
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    Albert is Still Looking Good.

    Recent release, passed through Ned Wright's Cosmology site: "A Double Radio Pulsar. 9 Jan 2004 - Lyne et al. (2004, Science in press) gives the details about PSR J0737-3039 A&B, the double radio pulsar binary with a relativistic orbit...
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    Black Hole Singularities

    Just checking current thought.
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    Expand Then Crunch?

    Seen this one? Linde is "highly respected", as is Rees, but Rees can get a little too "far-out" at times.