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    Decline in Science Jobs! Why?

    Hey I think it is because this country (USA and Canada:) ) has grown to love money and possession. You give people an option of spending over 4 to 8 years in school taking physics - maybe longer - and at the end of it, you get maybe 50k starting out, or spend the same amount of time in school...
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    Newbie help - Passion for physics

    Hey guy's Thanks again for the reply! Yes I understand the periodic table is mainly chemistry, but is it physics that deals with the separation of different elements and what not? We have community colleges here, which are pretty much the same thing as what you are talking about...
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    Newbie help - Passion for physics

    Hey Thank you very much for the reply! Quick question to start off: If I wanted to go back to school, and start physics, is there a choice of what type of physics or is it generally the same when starting in school? Do you, or does anyone know of any school's that offer physics through...
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    Newbie help - Passion for physics

    Newbie help - Passion for physics :) Hi everyone. I am a investment/finance/technical market specialist, so basically I deal with technical analysis in certain markets. Far from anything related to physics (although I deal with allot of math), but I have a GREAT passion for physics, and...