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    UNLV Comp Sci - How is it?

    I'm looking to transfer to University of Nevada Las Vegas. I've read that the local casinos snatch up CS majors like heroin brownies. Can anybody offer any other input to keep in mind? I've checked and they're ABET accredited. I'm currently attending University of Arizona which was ranked in...
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    Programs Biomedical majors

    Hi Stengah, thanks for helping me out! My first bachelors is in Advertising (it's a very nice fire-starter, it's a short, but pointless story). I declared my major and graduated when the recession was in its infancy. It didn't have any mathematics requirements above College Algebra and I only...
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    Programs Biomedical majors

    Hi everybody, I wanted to know if anybody could give me into any advice in the way of a career path. I'm having trouble wading through the literature and requirements, and I'd appreciate a bit of guidance. I have a short laundry list of sleep disorders and I've decided that I'd like to...