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    Slider Crank Problem

    If you know how to solve the problem, you should have an equation for acceleration as a function of theta (you may not know the value of omega, but you know that the angular velocity is a constant). There's no reason you can't plot this function if you scale your y-axis in units of omega^2...
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    Natural Frequency of concrete

    This may be a little crude, but you could ping your structure (hit it with a hammer) and record the vibrations with a microphone. If you record it as, say, a .wav file, you can bring it into MATLAB (for example) and do an FFT to find the frequency content of your system (I guess it would...
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    Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

    At my college, I think both fluids and thermo were junior level core courses and neither was a pre-requisite for the other (I also used Fox McDonald). Certainly there's some overlap as you've already seen, but there's no reason that you'd have to wait to take thermo before learning about...
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    Small motor gears

    Did you look at Small Parts? They've got, well, small parts. Or how about Stock Drive ? I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but you could check them out. Good luck.
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    Specific Gas Constant

    For me, the specific gas constant has routinely come up, mainly in the context thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. In choosing the most convenient form of the ideal gas law to use, those using \overline{R}=\frac{R_u}{\overline{M}} , e.g.: P = \rho \overline{R}T Pv = \overline{R}T...
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    Mechatronics course

    Hi, I've got a bit of experience in the field. Is this an undergraduate elective (for, say, 3rd or 4th year students)? If so, my guess is it will be an applied controls course, possibly with an integrated lab session. Mechatronics is a cross-disciplinary field; in addition to controls...