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    I can see in infrared.

    There was a thread in General discussion about how to see IR a while ago.
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    How wide is a photon?

    I heard neutrinos were loners.
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    Data can't move faster than the speed of light?

    If 2 superposed (lets say spin-wise) particles set so that one is always opposite spin wise to the other. When one is measured and collapses would not the other collapse despite it's position in space?
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    Light and its properties

    I'd rather be riding a photon that would be heaps awesome. Better then hell at least.
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    Faster than light-yes -but how?

    no need to imagine huh?
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    Faster than light-yes -but how?

    The problem is you can't just "imagine" those things, its like I say imagine if you didn't need friction to create power, then we could make a pepetual motion machine
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    Faster than light by a long way!

    thats like saying if an Electron-volt was = to 1 x 10^603 that that would be really good :-/