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    Help with MATLAB problem

    It looks like everything is okay except for your acceleration value - why is your equation for acceleration -g/m? If you look at your data, you will see that the object does move up before it goes down as it should. You have a typo in your 'Relevant Equations' section (what you have for...
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    Very simple matlab question

    It's possible t was already defined so that even though that part of your script should work, it is not changing the value of t(11). Try clearing the value first: clear t for i = 1:10 t(i) = i end Alternatively, you can use vectorized code: t = 1:10; This is cleaner, takes advantage of...
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    Dynamics involving dependent motion

    If you just look at A and C, you should see that vA=-vC. In other words, A and C move at the same speed and when A moves down, C moves up (and vice versa). You might be able to see the relationship between B and see, but let's try it a little more analytically: Let's call yC the position of...