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    A Mathematician's Lament: An essay on mathematics education

    Due to particular circumstances (being an ignorant dipgarbage until my mid-twenties), The only course here that I've taken was Geometry in 9th grade (standardized school testing placed me in the "upper level" of math maturity after that, which put me in the AP math section, which were no longer...
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    Teaching calculus today in college

    I have a differential equations professor that is FANTASTIC. He doesn't care about ANY of that. He wants you to "understand" what is going on....and almost prefers you to not follow the "plug and chug" list of operations for each type of solution. He's a very difficult professor so a lot of...
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    Teaching calculus today in college

    Oh first semester back in school involves a story about that. I went up to my professor and asked a situation similar to that....he looked at me like I was insane. To my relief, he said "it doesn't's the same number...I don't know what you're asking?!?" I'm sure he...
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    Teaching calculus today in college

    To put my very, very late for the seminar point of view here... I am returning to school at the age of 29, 7 years after completing a degree in kinesiology, to study math and physics. I spent my entire life believing I hated math and was horrible with numbers. I was told I wouldn't be good...
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    Visual spatial learner

    I'm glad to see this discussion. I don't think I'd be overly exaggerating if I claimed I was a purely visual learner. lol If I can't "see" something, I can't do it. Unfortunately, I was "turned away" from math and physics in primary school because of this. As a child, I loved science and...