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    Best Classical Mechanics Textbook

    I see Goldstein's classical mechanics listed as a top book anytime this question gets asked: I self taught classical mechanics using a book by Finn mostly: I also have Lev Landau's...
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    Complete Amateur Needs List of Reading Material

    A little over a year ago, I was in your exact position. (It's not a unique position by any means, as you'll find out if you stick around the board long enough). I would highly recommend Feynman's Lectures on Physics. If you have any recollection of Calculus, you'll be able to follow his...
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    A Transition To Advanced Mathematics by Douglas Smith

    I know exactly where you're coming from. I returned to school to study math at age 29. My last math course was a pre-ALGEBRA course in high school. lol I jumped in with Calc II and Calc III and got a good realization of how far behind I am on the process of mathematical thought. As far...
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    A Transition To Advanced Mathematics by Douglas Smith

    I agree the reviews don't look too appealing, but I've found a few things to be true regarding mathematic course/book assessments. 1: Many of the people giving reviews are just angry because math is hard and they got a bad grade, generally from their own lack of work. 2: Mathematics...
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    Book for Independent Study in Modern, Thermal, or Mathematical Physics?

    Mathematical Methods: I agree with George Jones on Boas' book. I've also found R. Shankar's book "Basic Training in Mathematics" to be of some help. It leaves off at linear vector spaces, so it really is relatively basic, but Shankar shows some interesting tips and notes on things you might...