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    Medical Depression: It's All In Your Head.

    Agreed. That's a pretty strong claim on the word "placebo." An SSRI is going to have definite psychoactive effects on the body. Prolonging the time that serotonin remains in the synapse is going to cause changes in the body beyond "placebo." You could make the argument that the...
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    Medical Depression: It's All In Your Head.

    All I know is that I've been going around telling mentally handicapped people to stop being stupid. I once called the biceps brachioradialis the biceps brachialis. I fixed this mistake by telling myself to think harder before I write something down on a test. It worked for me, surely it...
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    Medical Depression: It's All In Your Head.

    "Real" depression is a disease somatogenic in nature as much as alzheimer's, parkinson's, or dementia. Psychological manifestations resulting in mild physiological changes can perhaps be fixed by thinking "happy thoughts." True neurotransmitter dysfunction requires medical treatment for...
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    Medical Be honest; isnt ADHD and all these attention/behavioural disorders a bunch of bull?

    Don't know if this has been touched, but if the current understanding of psychoactive disorders such as Depression and ADHD and the role neurotransmitters plays in their action holds true, they are far from "bull." Dopamine can be called the Prolactin inhibiting hormone. People with...
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    Medical Air bubble in blood circulation

    One test for a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) is done via Echocardiogram, saline, and air. A mixture of X amount of saline is mixed with a cc of air and agitated through two syringes. The ingected solution creates a bolus of "bubbles" that quickly enter the right atrium with the potential to...