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    Looking for some 2D, 3D-drawing software

    No problem, I thought that the 30-day trial was for the Professional version. I didn't think there was a time limit or a catch on the Xpress version; I could be wrong though...
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    Looking for some 2D, 3D-drawing software

    You can get a free stripped down version of Alibre here: I haven't had a chance to see how much functionality they take out in the free version yet, but Alibre itself is a professional grade 3D CAD solid modeling program with...
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    Motherboard Advice

    Thanks for the help. I'll try to find someone to look at it before I go off and buy anything.
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    Motherboard Advice

    Hi, I bought a new computer a little over a year ago (some specs included below) and it recently stopped working. It powers on and the drives spin, but it does not go into its boot sequence. I don't know much about computer hardware, but I'm guessing there is something wrong with my...
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    Robotics competition

    The US FIRST competition is held once a year. The competition is for high school students, but college students and professional engineers typically team up to mentor the high school teams.
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    Calculators Help with Ti89

    \frac 1 {(1-x)^2} What does your calculator say it is?