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    Polar coordinates (trig question)

    Don't worry about where the x^2 comes from, that is part of the answer and is a result of you solving the problem correctly. You know that y=r\sin\theta by definition. Find y as a function of theta only. Then you can eliminate theta when you find y as a function of x only.
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    Polar coordinates (trig question)

    I do not understand where you got this part from: In polar coordinates, x=r\cos\theta and y=r\sin\theta Substitute your expression for r into these two equations. Solve the first one in such a way that you can plug your result into the second one to solve for y in terms of x.
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    Subtracting integers with powers

    At some point in class, you should have covered what the difference of two squares is. Just to remind you, it looks something like this: a^2-b^2=(a+b)*(a-b) I hope that helps.