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    Fourier Series

    Meh. Nm. i read ahead and used the fourier transform pairs table. Also noting that j^k gives exp(j*k*Pi/2) which is just a phase shift to the square wave.
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    Fourier Series

    Okay. so i have a problem that i'm finding tricky to work backwards from. I'm given the coefficients Period 4 and x(t) is continuous. a_{k} = 0 if k=0 a_{k} = j^k*sin(k*Pi/4)/(k*Pi) if k!=0 Supposed to find x(t). Now i've tried a few things but have come up with many different...
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    Is Java good to learn ?

    First of all, java != slow. If you are writting a small application, then the overhead of having bytecode isn't all that usefull, but if you're writting a large application like for a server then runtime profilling can be really beneficial. Secondly, i recommend downloading sun's sdk...
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    Having troubles integrating e^(2x)sin(x)

    To clarify, keep integrating by parts untill you get your original integral. then move that integral to the other side of the equation and solve :D
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    Order-Of-Magnitude = Pain

    1.) i think you meant km, I suppose that a tire lasts 15,000 km and maybe wears 4 or 5 mm. These are bs but you get the picture. 2.) Assume 50 km/h, and maybe 6 metres between each car.. Say its only "busy" half the time because of lights and time of day etc. Basically, calculate how many pass...
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    I have a question I need help with (acceleration)

    2.5*(3t) = 3t + a * (t) 7.5t - 3t = at 4.5t = at a = 4.5 wow, i hope i didn't make any mistakes. edit: i did lol, too late for me. such sillyness. (rechecks my stats homework)