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    How to turn a weak acid into a strong acid

    Please cite your source as this data does not make sense.
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    How to turn a weak acid into a strong acid

    The functional factors are boiling points and heat capacity. Water has a very high heat capacity so adding a small amount of acid to a large amount of water results in a small temperature rise. Density is not a factor as any acid with a high heat of dilution has a very high solubility in water...
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    Solidification of CaCO3 and CaHPO4

    Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here, if you just want some solid calcium carbonate (a chunk) just get a piece of chalk. When you mixed your calcium carbonate powder a tiny amount of it dissolved. When you then dried it in the oven you evaporated the water and the dissolved calcium...
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    How to turn a weak acid into a strong acid

    The basic confusion here is between acid strength and acid concentration. A strong acid has a weak bond between hydrogen and the atom to which it is attached and a weak acid has a strong bond. The dividing or reference bond is the strength of the hydrogen-oxygen bond in water. Molarity is a...
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    Sigfigs and Uncertainties

    When you say the thermometer can only be read to +/- 0.5 degrees then you can only report the measured temperature to the nearest whole degree. In this case then you would report the temperature change as from 30. degrees to 50. degrees or a temperature change of 20. degrees. The decimal point...