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    Advice for Sophomore w/Low GPA

    Done! And thank you for that. I kind of just typed but never thought about how unreadable that really was.
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    Advice for Sophomore w/Low GPA

    Hi physics community, I am a sophomore in college right now and my GPA is low. Like 2.5 low. I think the lack of passion in learning intro-level physics courses really messed me up (right now I am in modern physics, though, and I find it pretty interesting and fun). I thought I wanted to do...
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    Difference between Astrophysics and Planetary Science?

    What are the main differences between Astrophysics* and Planetary Science? What are their roles? And, which of the two is responsible for the first cloud map of a planet outside of our solar system? *I mean just the...
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    How has CMB research affected modern technology

    So for my physics class, we are trying to find modern applications for different areas of research. I know the HST had a lot of help in the areas of breast cancer research and eye surgery but what are some applications for modern technology that have stemmed from cosmic microwave background...
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    Best Laptop to Start Research

    So I am a sophomore Astronomy and Physics student looking for a powerful laptop to do programming and to help me with research. I would like it to support things like Python, MATlab, LaTeX, Mathematica, LabVIEW, anything for astronomy, but relatively lightweight and has HDMI, Blu-Ray, high...
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    Physics BS then Aerospace MS or Engineering Physics MS?

    I think the reason they said not to major in such a "specific degree" is because they think I wouldn't get jobs for AE majors right out of the bat. You know? Maybe? Maybe they thought you should start out as a MechE and work your way up or something and then get an AE master's...
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    Physics BS then Aerospace MS or Engineering Physics MS?

    I am currently pursuing a BS in Physics and a BS in Astronomy (a lot of the classes are the same). The thing is, I have been in love with NASA my whole life and thought I should go for an AE degree but multiple people who know aerospace engineers at NASA said not to go into such a "specific...