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    Transparent Liquid Piezoelectric Material?

    Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a piezoelectric material that is both liquid and is transparent/colorless/ lower refractive index? Is there database online where I could compare these values? Google has not been kind to me:( Any help would be so appreciated.
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    OPTICS: How to solve a two lens system with the object in a medium?

    Hi All, I need help determining focal length value in a two lens system. In the set up, the light source (object) is within a tube, a medium surrounds it with refractive index n1=1.52. The end of the tube is met with a curved convergent surface, the center of which is 0.635 cm away and focal...
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    Contact Lens: How to focus light 1mm away

    So, I've been wondering. Anyone know what shape/prescription a contact lens would have to be in order for an eye to be able to focus on something 1mm away (assuming the distance of focus in the eye is around 4 cm)? Does it have to do with focal length of the lens?
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    How to determine a lens width?

    I am wondering... say an object was put directly on a lens and you wanted the projected image to focus at around 3 cm on the other side. How do you determine how wide the lens has to be? (please see attachment)
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    Light and Vision: Photon Direction

    How is it that light disperses from a point source (like a pinhole w/ a light shining through). From my understanding, photons disperses in all directions at all angles. So than how is it that an eye can differentiate that point from all the other points light around it (say there was another...