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    Integration Problems

    ok... here's what I'm doing. the integral of 8x^(1/2) - x^2) by dx, boundaried 0 and 2, which is: 2/3 * 8x^(3/2) - 1/3 x^3. When I plug in the 2, I still get 120/3, which is wrong. On the Sin^-1 x problem, I stopped at sin x/ (1-cos^2 x) because I couldn't figure out how to cancel out...
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    Integration Problems

    Thanks for your help! On the 2nd one, I still got the same answer, so the book is probably wrong (it frequently is) or I still am incorrect. Thanks for reminding me that sin^2x = 1-cos^2x. I'm still working on getting an answer for that one though. For the last one, I don't know how to find the...
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    Integration Problems

    Integration Problems!! Help! I have a problem with the following: 1. Sketch the graph of the function y^2 = x^4(x+4) and find the area enclosed by the loop. -- I don't see any loop! 2. Find the area of the region enclosed by th curves y= x^2 and y^2=8x. -- The answer given in the back is...
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    Females are not dumb I just need help

    Since one male in the class thinks the two females in my IB physics class are dumb (I being one of them), we are determined to do very well on tonight's problems. We don't have a teacher that actually teaches, I don't know how to approach some of the problems. Here is goes (please help! thanks)...
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    Math Question

    Another Problem In the above problem, they want me to draw an arc with the center R with a radius of 28 and then find the length of the portion of T that will be within the range of the arc. The drawing the arc was no problem, but I don't know how to find it.
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    Math Question

    Thanks! Thank you so much! I can't believe how simple that was. I have such a huge problem when I am asked to prove things. I just never seem to find the way to do it.
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    Math Question

    I'm in IB math methods, working on a project and I can't seem to figure out what to do with this problem. A radio transmitter sends signals to a railway which run along a straight track. When a set of coodinate axes is used to represent this system, the transmitter is at R(1,0), and the track...
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    Mathematica Mathematical Proof?

    Mathematical Proof??? Can anyone tell me how to prove things mathematically? I'm not sure you can because I'm convinced that proving equations and formulas is something that you just see how to do if you are intelligent (if that is the case, then I must be stupid). I have trouble with this in...
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    Is angular momentum of the planet conserved?

    What is it meant by: mr(1)V(1)= mr(2)v(2) The quantity mrv is called the angular momentum of the planet. Is angular momentum of the planet conserved? What do they mean conserved?? Thanks and sorry such short notice... my physics teacher soooo nicely gave us 2 days notice to finish all...
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    Stupid-yet-needs-to-be-answered Question

    Hi, I'm back with another question (IB Math Methods). It's kind of easy and I don't know if I'm stupid or having a brain lapse but it is this: When finding the inverse of h(x) = (/sqrt{x-1}), x > -1, I got y = x^2 + 1, but what do I do with that x > -1 ??? THANKS!
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    IB Physics I

    oh, ok. I think I get it. The diagram shows those lines perpendicular and parallel to the slope, but I think I jsut got confused because gravity had always been the downward component that my teacher never really explained. I have a test tomorrow, so I'm hoping I don't fail. Usually he assigns...
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    IB Physics I

    Hi, I'm in IB physics and I'm having a little trouble since the teacher would rather play computer games than teach us (the book isn't great either). Right now we're working on force and I was wondering if anyone could clarify a few things for me please.I'll just work through some problems and...
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    IB Math Methods- Problems with Problems!

    I have a few problems: Solve 1. 32^2x = e e^2x +1 I cross multiplied and got 3e^2x = e(e^2x + 1) Then: 3e^2x = e^2x+e And now I don't know what to do from here.... 2. Solve e^2x - 5e+x + 6 = 0 This one can't be factored, so does the quadratic equation work here? If so...
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    Geometric Sequences and Logarithms

    I'm having trouble with these type of probles (where a negative log comes up): (All of this is solving without sigma notation) Find the number of terms in these geometric sequences and the sum of the numbers. 11, -22, 44,....,704 I know that a1 = 11, r = -2, and an = 704, so I did...
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    IB Math Methods questions

    Thanks for the help on the first question. I was assuming the series was finite because (6x - 2) is the last term in the series. Another question: I don't understand how -7.5 can be relevent because it says that n is equal to the number of terms, but there can't be -7.5 terms... can there????
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    IB Math Methods questions

    I've been working on these problems for a long time trying to prove to myself that I'm not stupid (though I am convinced I am because I don't feel like "IB material" at the moment), but this will be impossible since I have other things to do. So, my two questions are these: 1. An arithmetic...
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    Help With Higher IB Physics

    IB Debaser, I'm in the IB program too and taking physics; where do you live (country or state). Is IB physics really hard (I'm starting as a junior tomorrow). Thanks!
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    Blackbody Spectrum

    Thanks for your response, that was a question that someone asked me over an experts website. I tried to research it, but I couldn't find exactly the information that the person was looking for. Thanks again!
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    Blackbody Spectrum

    Why is it bothersome that the universe has a blackbody spectrum?
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    Quantum Mechanics

    How do you feel about Quantum Mechanics?
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    How would you rate your area as a star gazing spot?

    I'm right here, and unfortunately, my area sucks, how ironic......
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    Space Program

    Ok, this is a really stupid question, but it's just killing me for some reason. What do you call the person who leads a shuttle launch? I need help quickly!
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    News In God we Trust

    I don't think they are being violated unless a specific belief is being FORCED on the nation. What is says on the dollar bill won't affect anyone directly.
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    News Americans are culturally inferior

    The United States will not be a superpower forever. Just like the Roman Empire, Spain, France, Germany, and even Russia backed down in power, the United States will be less powerful as well. It would be more beneficial for the entire world if people could put aside their differences and share...
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    News Americans are culturally inferior

    Shonogon, I definitely think you are entitled to your opinion. But don't you think your ideas might be a bit stereotypical? Or does the term "culturally inferior" refer to cultures that are different from yours? America is the country of immigrants, so really, there is a great mix of cultures...
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    Science; A Big Mistake?

    I'm not saying it IS wrong, I'm saying that it could be possible. I really hope it is correct and we can continue to advance our civilization, but I hope that one day it does not just crumble because of a flawed foundation that didn't seem apparent until we made some profound discovery.
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    Science; A Big Mistake?

    Could it be possible that everything we "know" is wrong? Every law of physics and every discovery that was discovered could be incorrect because the foundation of our science was flawed. Perhaps now, everything seems to be making sense, but maybe one day, we will "get stuck" as we get deeper in...
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    Before big bang

    I think that before the BB, there were membranes of the universe, waiting for a force to make them collide.
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    The One Single Event that will Cause the Collapse of Physics

    In thought experiments that I have done, I've always thought that there was another universe that is sort of an inverse to ours. It is composed of antimatter (it has "reversed" gravity-a force that repels) and its laws of physics are governed by imaginary numbers (i). If these two universes...