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    Pumping electrons without magnetics?

    Is it possible to push electrons down a wire if a wheel applying pressure to the wire were rolled down it? Another way to cause the pressure would be to apply a heat source down the wire.
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    How does one calculate Momentum of an object?

    Ok momentum is not KE, but one can calculate the amount of KE stopping the object and measureing how high it raised a weight, or now much frictional heat it generated. If momentum would be a different number, then how do you measure it? What is momentum? KE will also travel in the same...
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    Where to submit idea?

    I have an relevation. Where should I submit this, it has to do with quantum physic's of heat, and how that interacts with objects. How about this forum?
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    Electromagnetics question

    see this set-up for a DC Motor If the sides of the copper frame were the only copper in the field, the motor would still work correct? (stretch the copper frame out, or thin the magnets) So now we have only two sides of the...
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    How do electrons move?

    Do they spin, or orbit around the nucelous of the atom?
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    Why does Lorentz Force law work?

    Why does it, and these other laws/effects work? Can anyone explain why the Right Hand Rule works, on a quantum scale? Lorentz Force law [Broken] Right hand rule The hall effect...
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    Sea of electrons in metals

    "Sea" of electrons in metals Is it a "floating" sea of electrons in metals? meaning they are not restricted to a spot relative to the atoms, but they just "float" around as long as it's in the metal, and the charge is almost perfectly level throughout the metal. (I doubt it would be absolutly...
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    Higher v but lower Energy?

    When and electron loses energy it drops in orbit of the neucleous, but does it pick up veolocity? In this lecture at 17:20 he says it does, but is he mistaken, because it would make more rounds around the neucleous because it has less distance to travel, and that would not be more velocity but...
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    What are those bubbles in my beer?

    I heard alcohol evaporates, also the carbon dioxcide pop does the samething, am I loseing alcohol percentage when I let my beer stand?
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    Elements that cause explosion/burn

    As far a I know it's only the combination of Hydrogen, and Oxygen Atoms that cause explosion/burn, and that if there's other atoms in the mix it just causes a slower reaction. Is this true, if not then what other atoms cause explosion/burn?
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    Electricity through wires

    Is is known exactly how electrons flow through wires? For example a wire is conductive, the air around it is not, and thin wires conduct worse then thick wires, would this mean that the electrons force, or flow is greatest in the centre of the wire? Like water through a pipe?