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    U Physics 12E 7.71 Conservation of Energy: An experimental apparatus with mass

    The question is shown below the --- or this question and answerbook is from U Physics 12E #7.71. I uploaded a JPG that can be seen at I don't understand this problem. I see that to solve this Conservation of Energy and N2L are merged using x, and that h from...
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    Stuck on algebra to N2L solution

    I already understand the problem, but am having trouble with the algebra for textbook Fund of Physics Solutions, Halliday, 8e, Ch6 Prob 34. Copied here I've been staring at this solution to N2L for hours and can't figure out how to go from the top 4 N2L...
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    Which textbook has plenty of symbolic intro MECHANICS problems ?

    I passed 1st quarter Physics for Life Sciences with an A last spring. Now I plan to take the Calculus version this winter quarter. I looked at the the Physics department's example homeworks and exams and they are totally MULTI-step problems, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 steps, symbolic only. They appear...
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    Skydiver #1 #2 fall problem, Linear or Quadratic ?

    Homework Statement Skydiver #1 from the University Skydiving Club steps out of a plane when it is 1 miles above the ground and 10 seconds later skydiver #2 steps out of a plane (at the same height). They both want to land on the ground at the same time. To make an estimate assume that...