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  1. Enigman

    Mac vs PC for a PhD student

    I like a friend's set up. He has a gaming PC running at his home while he carries around a Surface Pro and uses teamviewer anytime he needs more computational power. My budget's comparatively lower, so I use a mid range gaming laptop because I need both Windows and Linux for most of my work and...
  2. Enigman

    Perovskite solar cell J-V scan

    Reverse scan always gives better PCE in PSCs. Things generally blamed are: 1. Ferroelectric polarization 2. Ion migration 3. Charge trapping 4. Capacitive effects I would give this a read:
  3. Enigman

    Applied Looking for a book on Multivariate Statistics

    Hey all, Joined a Material Science program and I have a course on Multivariate Stats. I have pretty minimal background on the topic so I thought I would pop back here asking for recommendations for a good start on the topic. Here's the course description -
  4. Enigman

    Problem with Anaconda installation

    This is what comes up any time I start up Anaconda Prompt - \Xtralien was unexpected at this time. C:\Users\User Name> @SET "PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\QuantumWise\VNL-ATK-2016.3\bin;C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\iCLS Client\;C:\Program...
  5. Enigman

    MBTI type (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) -- Jung Typology Personality Test

    No, it was made by two housewives Meyers and Briggs based on the work of Carl Jung.
  6. Enigman

    Random Thoughts part 6

    Drinking red bull may make me more motivated but increases the number of D'oh moments I have in a day.
  7. Enigman

    Looking for a low boiling point solvent for MAPI precursors

    Things I have thought of till now: Acetonitrile with HI additive Acetonitrile with DMSO additive The problem with the first would be that HI is in an around 55% aqueous solution and water doesn't play well with the perovskite. Meanwhile, the second might end up needing enough DMSO to...
  8. Enigman

    How to turn Fe2O3 into FeO

    Buying FeO or synthesising it by heating Iron(II) oxalate seems to be your best shot. Heating Fe2O3 won't result in FeO unless you can do it in CO atmosphere.
  9. Enigman

    Random Thoughts part 6

    With my phone.
  10. Enigman

    Crystalline Structures

    For a larger variety of crystal structures try a software like xcrysden, or better yet get Quantumwise's Virtual NanoLab with a free academic license and use it to see cif files of different crystals.
  11. Enigman

    Random Thoughts part 6

    The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
  12. Enigman

    Random Thoughts part 6

    Isn't that what emoticons are for? :oldtongue:
  13. Enigman

    Pencil vs pen

    Generally, fountain pens - Lamy Safari and Platinium Preppys. Cheap pencils for brainstorming.
  14. Enigman

    Muggles vs Wizards, who wins?

    A) Imperius. Take out the leaders of muggle offensive and force a peace treaty. B)Polyjuice. Steal identities of the major players who can't be imperio'd C)Inferius. Zombie Apocalypse. D)Transfiguration. One muggle-born wizard with the knowledge of antimatter to threaten total global...
  15. Enigman

    Logical puzzle

    What the website actually says is :
  16. Enigman

    Push the button

    Since there don't seem to be any takers, I will bring attention to some rather thought provoking work done in this field by Philip Tetlock: Thinking the unthinkable: sacred values and taboo cognitions The above dilemma happens to be a simplified version of a dilemma from his work, the study was...
  17. Enigman

    Happy Belated Birthday Zoobyshoe and MathisHard

    Happy belated Fool's Day
  18. Enigman

    Push the button

    Compile ten or so books into one, understand all my coursework instantly and have my usual migraines for a week? I would press the button till my fingers bleed. Going with the current theme: You are a hospital administrator, press the button and a five-year-old gets a million dollar worth...
  19. Enigman

    Push the button

    The QALY is a measure of the value of health outcomes. Since health is a function of length of life and quality of life, the QALY was developed as an attempt to combine the value of these attributes into a single index number. The basic idea underlying the QALY is simple: it assumes that a year...
  20. Enigman

    Push the button

    Net change in QALY would be negative, I would not push the button.
  21. Enigman

    Superpower choice

    Or are creative. You can see into future. That would include stock markets and lotto tickets. Spend the first year becoming a billionaire, create a corporation as a front for your powers with research divisions getting the credit for any bit of knowledge or tech. As for longevity, what makes you...
  22. Enigman

    Push the button

    From a utilitarian point of view, I would press the button if it saved two people at the cost of one, given I did not personally know the person who dies. To put it slightly more rigorously as long as the change in net QALYs is positive I will press the button. Assuming I don't know who is going...
  23. Enigman

    Push the button

    I would not. Two lives have more moral priority. On a lighter note: If you press the button you can meet any one person that ever lived (no physical contact, you can't kill Hitler or punch Stalin), the catch is you have to be naked during the sojourn.
  24. Enigman

    Push the button

    Since there is no personal value attached to that life and saving lives is your main motive, then I don't see why not? You could spend the $1M on saving more than just one life. Taking mosquito nets for example So $1M spent on mosquito nets saves about 352 lives.
  25. Enigman

    Superpower choice

    This. No other power comes even close to it. Because this is an instant global victory condition. Creatively used one could get plans for any technology developed in the future, pre-empt any disaster, win any war, cure any disease cured in the future, etc. etc. Basically, the easiest way to...
  26. Enigman

    Suicide is such sorrow

    I would argue that a major part of depression and suicidal ideation is that they have little to no desire to be helped. Speaking from personal and peer experience, in that condition you lose every ounce of your self-esteem and firmly believe that you are not worth helping and in even more...
  27. Enigman

    Random Thoughts Part 5

    What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the start of every end, and the end of every race?
  28. Enigman

    Random Thoughts Part 5

    Binary. Dashes are zeroes and l's are ones.
  29. Enigman

    Suicide is such sorrow

    This reminded me of this article: Daughters of Australian scientists who took their own lives reflect on their parents' plan
  30. Enigman

    Random Thoughts Part 5