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    What is Q in kQq/r ?

    Thanks for the help, isn't this forum for everyone by the way? not just PhDs right?
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    What is Q in kQq/r ?

    What is Q in kQq/r ?? Hey guys the textbook says Q is (+Ze) and q is (+2e) the later is 2 times the positive equivalent of an electron's charge. Though the former I'm unable to make any sense of, what is Ze?? Thanks Cheers!!
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    What is 'K' in K=1/4pi Epsilon 0?

    Hey So for those that don't know, I'm reading this from Atomic Physics, basically where they teach you how the size of a nucleus was determined by shooting alpha particles at it. due to repulsion an alpha particle can get only 'so-close' to nucleus(they're both positively charged), and the the...