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  1. Enigman

    Applied Looking for a book on Multivariate Statistics

    Hey all, Joined a Material Science program and I have a course on Multivariate Stats. I have pretty minimal background on the topic so I thought I would pop back here asking for recommendations for a good start on the topic. Here's the course description -
  2. Enigman

    Problem with Anaconda installation

    This is what comes up any time I start up Anaconda Prompt - \Xtralien was unexpected at this time. C:\Users\User Name> @SET "PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\QuantumWise\VNL-ATK-2016.3\bin;C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\iCLS Client\;C:\Program...
  3. Enigman

    Looking for a low boiling point solvent for MAPI precursors

    Things I have thought of till now: Acetonitrile with HI additive Acetonitrile with DMSO additive The problem with the first would be that HI is in an around 55% aqueous solution and water doesn't play well with the perovskite. Meanwhile, the second might end up needing enough DMSO to...
  4. Enigman

    Rapper B.o.B. says the Earth is flat; NdGT responds

    Rapper B.o.B. says the Earth is flat; NdGT responds by dropping a diss track*. Flat To Fact (feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson) (B.o.B Diss Track) *well, his nephew anyway.
  5. Enigman

    What is a PhD?
  6. Enigman

    Enjoyable Enigmas #2

    Can't find the old thread but I did find a new book of puzzles. Two players, A and B, take turns in the following game. There is a pile of six matchsticks. At a turn, a player must take one or two sticks from the remaining pile. The player who takes the last stick wins. Player A makes the...
  7. Enigman

    Need a fatal disease

    Ideally with: no neuromotor or cognitive losses diagnosable at least two years before death with a (literal) deadline may or may not cause hallucinations may or may not cause intense pain (periodic or chronic) -to get him hooked to methadone (optional) a very high risk last moment...
  8. Enigman

    Which X-Men character are you?

    Blame Greg. Quiz Link Seriously Rogue? >.< ------------------------------ That explains why I had a crush on her when I was a kid...
  9. Enigman

    Probability of finding electrons in nucleus (s orbitals)

    Why is the probability of finding an electron of s orbital in the nucleus highest? Is Quantum Tunneling involved? If so, won't the electron need a large amount of energy to pass through the nucleus?
  10. Enigman

    Enjoyable Enigmas

    Okay, this thread is for all the puzzle-buffs in the forum. Post any puzzle, problem, whodunnits, cryptograms or any darned thing that requires out-of-box thinking to solve; Provided of course you know the answer yourself. No Googling!!! I will go first.:biggrin: This code is a message for...
  11. Enigman

    Softening of water by ion exchange resins

    Why is the cation exchange always carried out before anion exchange in softening of hard water by ion exchange resins? Plz. Help:(