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    Physics From Physics to Data Science

    Just read an interesting article that profiled several physicists who made the transition into data science. For anyone who's interested...
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    Postdoctoral Work Stress and the Human Cost

    A friend shared this article with me recently and I thought I might post it here for discussion. The Human Cost of the Pressures of Postdoctoral Research While I'm not sure that academic journals are the right venue for such statements, I agree that as a community it's important for us to have...
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    News RIP Richard Taylor

    I noticed this today: Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Taylor dies at 88 RIP
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    News RIP Adam West

    Died Peacefully at 88 Sad to hear this. Adam west is the person I think of as Batman. It seems now that every superhero has to have some kind of an edge, that one can't have a superhero without being an anti-hero of some sort. But the only reason that works is because of the iconic pillars...
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    Financial Literacy Programs

    I came across this article today: How Financial Literacy Programs Can Do More Harm Than Good I thought it might make for some interesting discussion here - particularly in that it related to mathematics education. In summary, the author seems to be arguing that the evidence suggests that...
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    News Current Events in US/UK = Academic Boon for Canada?

    The CBC is reporting a drastic rise in international student applications to Canadian universities. University of Toronto applications, for example, are up by over 80%. Many are speculating that this is due to uncertainty generated by the recent actions of the new American president and...
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    Medical Zuckerberg and Chan Pledge $3B To Fight Diseases

    I just noticed this: They're intending to create a "biohub" facility in SF and it sounds like they have an interest in some neat projects. Almost makes me want to open a...
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    Starting Over

    Because I live in Alberta, I've been following quite closely the tragedy from the fire in Fort McMurray. Well over 80,000 people have been evacuated from the city and the Premier of the province has stated that it's likely going to be a long time (not just days) for people to return, and many...
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    Medical Radiotherapy Clinical Trials Not Being Published?

    I just noticed this article based on a talk presented at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology conference. Failure to publish trial results exposes patients to risks without providing benefits It's rather concerning on a number of levels: primarily what's the point of conducting...
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    Academic Superheroes?

    I saw this article: Academic Superheroes over at Science Daily today and thought people might be interested. It talks about a study of academic job want adds and how the criteria are so specific it's nearly impossible to meet them all. Is this just a symptom of an oversupply of PhDs? From the...
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    Physician-Assisted Death

    Where do you stand on the issue of physician-assisted death? In Canada this issue has been a leading news story over the last year or so. See for example: Alberta Doctors Prepare for 'Culture-Shift' Created by Physician Assisted Death. Physician-assisted death is where a competent person...
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    Male Bio Students Underestimate Female Peers

    I noticed this article today on Science Daily and it got me wondering whether the same phenomenon (or perhaps something even stronger) is found in physics. In summary, the findings were that male students showed a bias towards believing that male students out-performed female students, but the...
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    BMI Not So Great After All

    I saw this article this morning: According to the article close to half of the people considered "overweight" by the BMI are in fact healthy by other more rigorous metrics, and about 30% of those with a "normal" BMI are unhealthy. I...
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    Another Travesty of Science - Rejecting Solar Panels For... Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
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    Careers Outside Academia Richly Rewarding for PhD Physicists

    (Title should read "for" PhD Physicists... I can't type today) From Science Daily: The one graint of salt to take this report with is the fact that 10-15 years before 2011, was well into the dotcom boom, where physics PhDs were aggressively recruited for their number crunching skills. It...
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    Insights Guide to Publishing in Peer Reviewed Journals - Comments

    Choppy submitted a new PF Insights post Guide to Publishing in Peer Reviewed Journals Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    Physics How to Become a Medical Physicist in 3653 Easy Steps - Comments

    Choppy submitted a new PF Insights post How to Become a Medical Physicist in 3653 Easy Steps Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    Level of Independent Thought for a Ph.D. Student

    I had an interesting conversation today with one of the senior professors in my department. It was in the context of students who have some difficulty in defining a project. What came in to question was the level of independence of Ph.D. students should display with respect to their research...
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    Runge-Kutta or Runge-Kutter?

    I'm familiar with the Runge-Kutta methods for solving ODEs, but recently I've come across a reference to "Runge-Kutter", in which it appears to be used synonamously (unfortunately it's just a reference, the method is not stated explicitly). Is this a common typo, or is there a seperate Runge...