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    Weight or mass?

    i know weight is mass*gravity and thats is what "weight" scales measure....Gravity's effect on mass. am i wrong or right?
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    Weight or mass?

    ok so what is it? im in america and have always had the idea that weight scales we use at home, weight scales fighters use before fights measure "weight" or mg. while scales used in chem and physics labs measure mass....
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    Weight or mass?

    weight or mass???? I have a friend here who is totally convinced that the scales we use at home to weigh ourselves our actually measuring our mass not our weight...Could somebody please enlighten her hahaha
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    Does an object gain weight?

    Does an object gain weight??? When a person is in an elevator and the elevator begins to go up.......Does the person actually gain weight? I know mass will not change obviously, but does the variable "g" vary due to acceleration?