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    Relative Velocity of a plane

    a,The Speed Of an aircraft in still air is 300 km/h. In a wind of speed 140 km/h, blowing from a bearing of 230, the aircraft flies due east. Find i, the course set by the pilot ii, the time taken for the aircraft to travel 100 km. b,To a cyclist traveling due east at 18 km/h the wind...
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    Wave and measurement question.

    I just gave my Physics exam paper.... and i want ask few questions and confirm if they are right..... Question asked to draw diagrams for longitudinal wave and transverse waves... I drew transverse waves correctly... but did i correctly drew the longitudinal waves? i made a wave like...
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    Half life and

    Homework Statement The Half-life of a radioactive substance is 5 hours. A sample is tested and found to contain 0.48g of the substance. How much of the substance was present in the sample 20 hours before the sample was tested? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i did...
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    Mg reaction with Ethanoic acid

    Mg reaction with Ethanoic acid.... My Teacher told me that if we react any group 1 metals with Ethanoic acid, then it's "OH" will be replaced by metal. E.g Na + 2CH3CO2H------> CH3CO2Na + H2 But he said that if we react any metals from group 2 then reaction will happen like this...
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    Number Sequence Problem

    Number Sequence Problem.... The Question is: The "n"th term of a sequence, S, is n^3 +2 The first four terms are 3, 10, 29 and 66. i, Find The fifth term of S. ii, The first four terms of another sequence, T, are 4,12, 32 and 70 By Comparing S and T, write down a, The Fifth term...