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    Electic Field

    A long, thin rod (length = 4.0 m) lies along the x axis, with its midpoint at the origin. In a vacuum, a +8.0 µC point charge is fixed to one end of the rod, while a -8.0 µC point charge is fixed to the other end. Everywhere in the x, y plane there is a constant external electric field...
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    Math proof homework problem

    How do I prove that: [Broken]?
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    Volume of Frustum (Truncated Cone)

    If there is a frustum with base radii of 1.75 and 1.25 inches, and a height of 6 inches, what is the volume? I tried to use the V=|(b1*h1)/3-(b2*h2)/3)| from the Wikipedia page, but h2 is unknown. I get an answer of 42.41 in^3. Is this correct? Please use basic calculus as that is all I have...
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    I'm practicing how to differentiate equations.

    I'm practicing how to differentiate equations. I need help differentiation this: [Broken] I made that equation up from a soda cup, different size bases. Is this equation correct? I tried to differentiate with respect to time. I get...
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    Torque Problem, need to verify answer

    Homework Statement The circular blade on a radial arm saw is turning at 262 rad/s at the instant the motor is turned off. In 18.0 s the speed of the blade is reduced to 85 rad/s. Assume the blade to be a uniform solid disk of radius 0.130 m and mass 0.400 kg. Find the net torque applied to the...
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    Need help on friction problem

    Homework Statement The drawing shows a large cube (m=25kg) being accelerated across a horizontal frictionless surface by a horizontal force P. A small cube (m=4kg) is in contact with the fron surface of the large cube and will slide downward unless P is sufficiently large. The coefficient of...