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    Partial Differential Equation -MOC

    Homework Statement The PDE: {\partial \rho \over \partial t} + \rho {\partial \rho \over \partial x} =-x\rho and \rho(x,0) = f(x) Determine a parametric representation of the solution. Homework Equations {dx\over dt} = \rho {d\rho \over dt} = -x\rho The Attempt at a Solution Using method of...
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    Solving an equation?

    this is pretty simple problem, I suggest you to study the sine and cosine functions well, and you will find that sin(pi) = 0 and cos(pi)=-1 Then sin(pi)-0.3*cos(pi)=0.3 0 + 0.3 = 0.3
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    1. What does the P in PID control stand for? How does it work?

    P stands for Proportional, I stands for integral and D stand for derivative. The P part determines the reaction to the current error, the I part reacts to the sum (integral) over recent errors, and the D term determines how to react to the change in current errors. Can easily be remembered from...
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    MATLAB, how to input step functions.

    Doesn't elseif solve the problem you are having? if condition1 then something elseif condition2 then something else ... ... ... else something end