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    Effect of pH changes on UV absorbance

    So I have an chem assignment which i've been going through for the past week or so, but the last question has provided somewhat of a stumbling block. Here it is, So from the question, I have gathered the following, High pH solutions absorb at higher wavelenghts. Whereas low pH solutions...
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    Factoring dilutions into calculations

    Hey guys, gals (Monique :wink: ) Quick question. I recently completed a labortatory session in my Genetics class regarding the isolation and analysis of plasmid DNA, and a section of the report has me stumped. Before the plasmid DNA was put under the spectrophotometer, it was diluted in...
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    Pair-rule genes in Drosophila development

    Hey guys, So I have an exam tomorrow afternoon on developmental bio (ugh ), and i have been going over my notes and have run into something i'm struggling to understand. The topic is Drosophila development, and the brick wall I have run into involves the way in which pair-rule genes work...
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    Questions regarding neuralation/gastrulation

    Hey guys, I have a few questions, if you can help me out it would be great. First year bio by the way, so dont get too complex on me. I'm a chemistry major, so excuse my ignorance when it comes to anything biological. During neuralation, the verterbrate nerve cord is a tube whereas in...