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    News Im late for work.

    Should i run to catch the train? Or play it safe? :rolleyes:
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    Coolest flash ever! Hands down the coolest flash ive seen in a long time. Should be 90% work safe.
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    MMO Farming Sweatshops.

    Found this to be an interesting read. [Broken]
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    How do they know for certain?

    They say animals like cats, dogs etc.. dont see colors. Their world is in black and white. How on earth can they be certain about this? How can one test this or even set up an experiment to test this and form a conclusion based and any of the results?
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    My feet stink!

    Sitting at my desk all day, smelling small hints of this piss like smell once in a while. Take off my shoes just now and whowa.... Very powerfull odor of cat piss!!!! But get this, not just one shoe.... one of my three cats pissed in both friggin shoes! :devil: :grumpy:
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    Cool stove, induction heating.

    Read this article..
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    Umm wtf. way to funny. Must read! [Broken]
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    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Reviewed - Bad -Real bad.

    For all those that wanted this to be a great movie...
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    Picture Puzzles.

    1. E or not. 2. SHUN SHUNSHUNSHUN SHUNgoodSHUN SHUNSHUNSHUN SHUN 3. GI GI GI GI GI GI GI GI --------------------- C C C C C C C C C C C Feel free to post more like these in here. I love these kind of word puzzles.
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    Black hole thought.

    Could black holes get so enormously dense and big that they cannot swallow anything else and eventually explode? Like a big bang. What if black holes are the eventual evolution of space/time/existence as we know it. All matter is swallowed back by all the black holes in the universe, then black...
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    Interesting, water wont spash in a vaccum

    Interesting, water wont spash in a vacuum What could be some usefull implication with this?
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    Walking up stairs

    I can walk up the 34 stairs to the top in 20 steps never jumping/missing a stair and not double stepping. How is that possible?
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    Remember these books? [Nostalgia Thread w/ PICS]

    Remember these books, Wizards and warriors. Great books, lots of memories. This series sparked my interest to read that hold strong to this day. You guys have any old books
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    Question about earths gravity

    Apparently we get tons and tons of material dumped yearly onto our planet from space. Just wondering how much would be necessary to affect earths gravity so we can see a measurable change and how long that could take? How would you go about figuring/calculating this? Would it be millions of...
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    Lightspeed fast, then slowed, then fast again.

    I was reading material on light speed and have a question about something I thought may contradict newtons law of conservation of energy. Light slows down as it passes through water, glass etc.. right? But when it reaches the other side it continues at light speed. Where is it getting its...
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    Has anyone read the Final Theory:Rethinking our Scientific Legacy.

    Ive dowloaded the first chapter they have available in .pdf and thought it was a great read. Wondering if any of you have read this and would like your input on what this guy has to say. What he proposes in the first chapter vastly impacts our views of physics and how the universe works. Ive...
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    InterestingAnti Grav device read. Anyone have more info about this and whats going on?
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    Massive objects going 99.9% speed of light.

    Found this interesting, is this for real?
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    Signs of a multiverse?

    I love the multi world theory and its limitless possibilities. Ive given a lot of thought on it with some unnatural things that occur from time to time. How’s this for a brainstorming session of ideas? I feel we have a lot of signs that can perhaps help prove the multiple world theory. Maybe...
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    Thoughts on perpetual motion.

    First off, I don’t have a phd, im not a scientist (hehe well im a comp programmer and i know some of them to claim to be scientist) My skills and basic understanding physics, classical and quantum are weak compared to the people that frequent this forum. I actually found this forum while I was...