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    About ising model

    Is the Onsager Solution extendable to 3D ? is it do-able in principle ?
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    Capacitance of Non-parallel plate capacitor

    Hi Sairajan, I assume that your two plates are conductors with dielectric material in between. If you can calculate the electric field everywhere, then the electric field near the plate (E is normal to the conducting plate) gives you the local charge density (since E = surface density of...
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    Transfer matrix

    Hi you have to give more details. What do you mean by "thea average number of spins at site i" ??? try looking at this site: [Broken]
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    'Distance' between MANY points ?

    Hi juliette sekx I am not sure what you are trying to do. But if you are dealing with a cloud of points and seeking some relative distance property among these points, then you may to do a Delaunay triangulation (see also convex hull). Very efficient algorithms exist that can handle many...
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    Quantum Mechanical analogy of Newton's third law

    Dear Civilized , I agree with what you said about pushing. My question was not well phrased. What I wanted to ask: "pushing as long as" is it a symmetric relation in relativity?
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    Quantum Mechanical analogy of Newton's third law

    Dear Civilized, Is "pushing" a symmetric relation in Relativity ?
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    Time as a Dimension

    Well ... first of all .. what is "dimension"? Whenever you use time or any other physical quantity as the component of some vector (including space components), is it enough to consider it as a dimension ?