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    Doing Master's of Engineering in Europe?

    I'm studying Civil Engineering here in Canada. I'm interested in doing my masters somewhere in Europe but i don't know how it will work out. I'm interested in structural/infrastructure branch of civil engineering and every country/area have their own laws and regulations regarding building...
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    Masters of Civil Engineering

    Hello good people of PF I'm going into my third year of undergrad civil engineering in university. So far my GPA is only 2.5/4 I have been lazy the past 2 years but I know i am capable of high marks.. After undergrad, I`m planning to get a Masters degree in the same field. I haven`t done...
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    Why is the sky so bright here at night?

    Hello PF I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. I am in Ottawa, Canada and right now it is almost 2 am. I am about to go to sleep but can't help to notice why the sky is so unusually bright. It is a light peachy color. I can see the grass outside my house without any lights, it is...
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    Civil Engineering with Concentration in Management?

    I'm currently finishing up my third semester in Civil Engineering. Recently a couple of my friends switched from standard "Civil Engineering" to "Civil Engineering with Concentration in Management" So this got me thinking if I should switch.. If i switch, I would not be taking...
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    Why can't i cancel this term?

    [SOLVED] Why can't i cancel this term? The function g(x) is stated in the first line. The question asks for g' when x=0 In the third line, i canceled e^x from both terms in the expression. The TA wrote that i can't do that. I forgot to ask him...
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    Hard Contact Lenses

    I'm just wondering why PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) is hydrophobic and does not attract water. I can't find anything that explains this on a molecular level :S
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    Need help preparing for Euclid contest

    I'm writing the Euclid contest this April so i went to their" [Broken] and downloaded the 2007 version. I don't know how to solve problems similar to questions 7. b), 8. b), and 10. I have never been taught how to do these problem so I'm...
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    Help needed filling AIF for Waterloo.ENG

    I have to fill out an admission informations form. One of the questions: 3. Personality Traits Engineering is a profession to which individuals can contribute in various ways. Some engineers are entrepreneurial; some are very creative and original; while others are more conservative and...
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    Polynomial with two unknowns

    [SOLVED] polynomial with two unknowns Homework Statement The graph of f(x)= 3x^4 + 14x^3 + px^2 + qx + 24 has x-intercepts -4 and 2. Determine the function. The Attempt at a Solution I could solve it if there were only one unknown but i don't know how to do it if there are two...
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    Question about spirngs their force

    if there is a spring between two boxes of different masses, and the spring is compressed, with energy stored, then if the i let go of the boxes at exactly the same time, will the spring exert the same amount of force on both of the boxes? or does the force it exerts on the boxes is mass Dependant?
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    Classical music recommendations

    I want some violin and maybe flute. Please recommend me some artists or CDs.
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    Question about light

    [SOLVED] question about light Homework Statement True or False question 5. If a Young’s double-slit apparatus, having operated in air, were to be submerged in water, the fringe pattern would become less spread out. Homework Equations c=f(lamda) The Attempt at a Solution What i...
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    Medical What if ?

    What if you were put in a room with the atmosphere composed of only oxygen(100%)? Would you die?
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    Question regarding a car crash

    My driving instructor told me that if you know you are gonna crash into another car, then brake right before contact. Wouldn't it make more sense start to brake as early as possible because it would decrease velocity which would decrese the force of impact?
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    How to get in the zone ?

    How to "get in the zone"? I always get distracted by video games and other stuff. I somehow need to forget about them while I'm studying/working on assignments.
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    Playing basketball on the moon?

    If the gravitational field strenght is weaker than that of earth, then less force is required to do a certain amount of work than required on earth. So my question is, Would our movements be faster? Like dribbling and hand movements and running?
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    Bend of light?

    In summer, sometimes you see heatwaves coming out of the hot concrete. I'm curious as to why light is bent or distorted and you cant really see clearly through these heat waves.
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    Got a question

    If a glass of water is resting on a table and there is a piece of paper or cloth or whatever under the glass, and you pull the paper/cloth really fast, the glass does not move. Can someone please explain the physics of this to me. THNX
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    Static friction

    I'm curious as to what does the limit of the magnitude of static friction depends on between any two objects.
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    Barbell vs dumbell

    If i can do 40 pounds with each hand with dumbells, then how come i can't do 80 pounds using both hands with a barbell? I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move it.
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    Can someone please confirm my answer? The answer seems kinda weird to so i want some people to check over my work and see if i have made any mistakes. Thanx
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    Recommend some books

    Hi all I am in Grd.12 in High School. For my physics class, our teacher gave us a project where you read a novel or book related to physics and you answer some questions on it. Since I am interested in astronomy (stars, galaxies, supernovas etc) i wanted to read an astronomy book. So can you...
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    Car crash collision calculation

    i am doing a physics project where you have to draw a situation and explain as much physics as possible. So me and my friends anre doing a car crash, actually a car hitting a pole. And we want to know a formula to calculate how much the pole will be pushed back/dented or if broken from base.
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    Calculating tension in cable

    1.the mass and acceleration is given and asks for tension in cable. What is a formula i could use. another question initial speed, air resistance, time and speed is given, what is a formula i could use for this question to solve for mass.