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    Complex numbers

    whith out finding all roots' [Broken]
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    Question from test capabilities

    Homework Statement from test capabilities I want to know the right answer please True Or False Questions stereographic projection for space R3 is the set of points (x, y, 0) and radius 1 is the circle X2 + Y2 = 1 stereographic projection for space R3 is the set of points (x, y...
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    Limit of a sine

    Unfortunately, I have erred in solution Equal second incorrect
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    Need Integral Help! [Broken]
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    Integrate from 0 to b[/URL] [Broken] cont.[/URL] [Broken]
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    A function

    Try Term is not defined Time is Open:devil:
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    A function

    an=/=0 Because Rotation does not appear in a double -
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    A function

    Challenge write Polynomail More than double the rotation an=/=0 r=0 or A negative number
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    A function

    Yes .. Yes This is what I want to say
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    A function

    Reference in rotation among the transactions +,-,+,-,+ if f(r) =0 then r>0 r=root in f
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    Understanding epsilon-delta def of limits No requirement that the value of f(x0) The smaller values for delta & epsilon Leads to ........what?
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    Understanding epsilon-delta def of limits

    Perhaps in this way can Be clear idea
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    2 Mini Q.

    Hi king:smile: O.K. used (I) for Contour = sum of Curves , and Closed and used (II) for any Curve Q.2 Now z1(t)=t , 0=<t=<5 z2(t)=5+it , 0=<t=<5 z3(t)= t+5i , 5=<t=<0 z4(t)=it , 5=<t=<0 :yuck:
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    2 Mini Q.

    Dear Dick مرحبا سعيد يرؤيتك 1) I can not find an answer in books,In books sometimes use pattern,Sometimes using type IIusing In your answer: They both indicate integral over the contour Do you clarify if possible 2) C1:z(t)=t , 0=<t=<5 C2:z(t)=5-t+5i , 0=<t=<5 C3:z(t)=5-t+5i ...
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    Circle problem very easy r=2
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    2 Mini Q.

    Homework Statement[/URL][/URL] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution C1:z(t)=t , 0<t<5 C1:z(t)=5+it , 0<t<5 C2:z(t)=1-t+5i , 0<t<5 C3:z(t)=5-t+5i , 0<t<5...
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    Challenging integral

    I do not know
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    Partial fraction decomposition [Broken]
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    Challenging integral
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    Indefinite integral of sin^4xdx

    ∫sin^4(x)dx = (3/8)x - (1/4)sin(2x) + (1/32)sin(4x) + c correct
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    Solving Modulus inequalities
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    Chain Rule problem

    use x=rcos(theta) y=rsin(theta)
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    Complex Functions

    O. My Dod afwan:surprised very very Excellent Rather than to learn English You have learned Arabic
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    Complex Functions

    Dear: Dick correct 100%. Thank you for answering me Thank you very much:blushing: In Arabic: :biggrin:شكرًا جزيلاً
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    Complex Functions

    Infact: delta=???
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    Complex Functions

    Like this
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    Complex Functions

    Oh No , This can not ; Because sinz*/z* Not Analytical
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    Analytical Functions

    (n*i)^(1/2)=sqrt(n/2)+i*sqrt(n/2). Excellent
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    Analytical Functions

    Good Answer Thanks
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    Complex Functions

    Yes, Find this limit