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    "Funny" Observations From (PERL) Programming Docs..

    So here I am slaving over Perl documentation (For my own pleasure I'm sad to say. I regard programming as LEGO for grownups) and I'm finding weird and funny things like: I mean what is that about? And perhaps less obvious: Well yes, it might :) You have any even more crazy or funny...
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    Good online reads

    I sometimes have the feeling that I've read the entire internet. I thought that maybe if I share something with you you will share something with me. So, I thought I'd direct your attention to this one: Schlock Mercenary. It's a scifi opera comic. It may not be for everyone but I was...
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    News More about the passing away of Mr Dyson
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    Studying Internalizing math using programming?

    I know this isn't really asking for advice but maybe someone has a comment or two... As a young(er) man, while many of my friends fooled around doing drugs and (other) mindless entertainment, I was enough of a nerd to want to learn programming. Of course, I didn't spend my entire youth in...
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    Literature database?

    I know about for natural science (is that the right term?) and pubmed for medical science. Is there a similar site for literature and the more softer "sciences"? :)
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    Subtle scientific insight in the field of economics. :)

    I didn't really want to create another thread just to make a (hopefully) humorous observation but on the other hand to link to this paper under a "cranky science" header hardly seems fair. Especially when I really haven't read the thing in it's entirety. One very scientific statement piqued my...
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    Spotting "cranky science"...

    In science today, experiments in particular, a good thing has come of the fact that most experiments able to move the goal posts of our accumulated knowledge now necessarily must be group efforts. Thus, like for instance in an article like this: the sheer...
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    C/++/# Deriving from C++ STL classes?

    I'm not a newbee to C++ but I've been out of the loop for a while. I know it's discouraged, if not directly a no-go, to derive from STL classes. Something that has to do, if I remember correctly, with the STL classes having no virtual destructors. It will work in the short run but may...
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    Programming competition...

    I seem to have found a programming competition øen (for 2019),but I cannot find it again. Anyone have a clue where this went?
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    B Beyond the Standard Model Explanations of GW190521

    Title says it all. Maybe it belongs more in Astrophysics but given the title... "Beyond the Standard Model Explanations of GW190521" - - - - If this is for real I'm surprised it's gotten so little attention..? EDIT PS: (for my own convenience mostly) ...
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    News Berija's victims to be made public by 2028?

    I suddenly have a history/politics question but I'm not active on any history forums. Then I remembered this forum. Maybe you people know something. My google searches come up short: "The Russian government acknowledged Sarkisov's handwritten list of Beria's [rape -] victims in 2003; the...
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    Apropos Raspberry PI DIY Mass Spec using Raman Scattering It's a pretty nifty gadget this Raspberry thingy. A computer the size of a pack of cigs. :) And a mass spectrometer... I'm not sure what such a device costs but I'm sure it pretty frigging expensive!
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    B Popular physics - The Nebra disk

    Popular Physics. "Evidences of the earliest Supernova observation in the Nebra disk R.G. Pizzone" ---- I know this isn't exactly breaking news and I cannot comment of the quality or validity of the research, but I've found that due to the brevity of the paper...
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    I Fermi's non-paradox?

    I post this here because most of the papers dealing with this (sorta speculative) stuff seems to be written by astronomers. Feel free to move it. I was under the impression that Fermi's Paradox had been resolved (dissolved) by this paper already in 2008: Dissolving the fermi paradox ...
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    I Barrow black holes with fractal surface?

    This should maybe go in the Beyond The Standard Model forum but since it's a paper about quantum cosmology I'll put it here. Feel free to move it if it's too speculative but that's exactly my question. That is: if it is.... Perusing "The Area of a Rough Black Hole" - -...
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    B Lensing Gravitational Waves Like Light?

    I was reading (or at least skimming) this paper: in which they seem to be discussing gravitational wave lensing. Is this an analogue of light lensing or is it another subject entirely? I mean, as I understand it, light is bend using gravity (as for...
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    B Properties of graphene/borophene etc.

    In a recent paper about borophene it shows promise for detecting hydrogen cyanide gas [1903.11304 - Review of Borophene and it's Potential Applications]. My question may seem rather simpleminded but I'm under no illusions regarding my physics knowledge so please bear with me: Did anyone...
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    Using AI in search of QG

    I'm somewhat awed by this paper: The emergence of complex behaviors through causal entropic forces. Now, I'm not a scientist or anything so bear with here: Shouldn't it be possible to use this approach to find solutions to Newton's equations such as solving the three-body-problem etc? And...
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    Fractal dimension of the universe = 2?

    (Maybe this should go under General Math or maybe even Topology but since it's about the dimension of the universe I'll put it here. Feel free to move it.) I've had too much coffee and on one my frequent wiki binges - reading about life, the universe and everything - I've come up with a...