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  1. sreerajt

    A Physical significance of growth rate in plasma

    Let us say that we have a dispersion relation curve and associated instability curve as shown below for a magnetised plasma, which have been formulated through kinetic theory. The frequencies and growth rate have been normalized w.r.t. cyclotron frequency of proton. My question is: what does...
  2. sreerajt

    A Small & large argument expansion of plasma dispersion function

    In plasma physics we have what is known as plasma dispersion function. There are two approximation under which this function can be expanded: when the argument is less than 1, we can use power series expansion and when the argument is greater than 1 we can have asymptotic expression. My...
  3. sreerajt

    I Integration of 1 variable in 2 different ways.

    I have to do a integration which goes like this: (V-M)(dP/dx)+3P(dV/dx)=0, (where M,P and V are constants). If you integrate with dx, you will get: ∫[(V-M)dP]+∫[3PdV]=0. which ultimately results in the answer M=4V. Now, i can put the first equation in this form also...
  4. sreerajt

    Questions that i posted

    hello... i was using physics forum 1 year ago and i used to post some questions and some answers also. Now i would like to have a look on those older stuffs. But, i searched, in vain, extensively in PF. Can anyone guide me through this??? Thanks in advance...
  5. sreerajt

    Integrating sine where argument goes to infinity.

    After some integration, i am getting a form e^{i \alpha\phi+i\beta\phi\sin(\phi-\phi')-i\gamma\sin\phi} , where ##\alpha, \beta, \gamma## are constants. Now i want to apply the limit where ##\phi ## ranges from 0 to ##\infty ## (ya, in the argument of sine we will encounter ##\infty ## which is...
  6. sreerajt

    Difference between generating function and Rodrigue's formula?

    What is the difference between generating function and Rodrigue's formula? Some says that from generating function you can generate required polynomial (say for example from generating function of Legendre polynomial you can get Legendre polynomial.), but in that case,as far as i know, Rodrigues...
  7. sreerajt

    X-ray diffraction or reflection?

    In x-ray diffraction , even though its reflection is happening , we call this as x ray diffraction. why is it so?? i don't know whether it has been discussed previously here.
  8. sreerajt

    Extensive and intensive quantities

    What are the difference between extensive and intensive quantities?
  9. sreerajt

    Space- Time Unification

    What does actually mean by the saying that Einstein united space and time?
  10. sreerajt

    Lowest possible temperature

    Hello friends... Please answer to this question… Lowest possible temperature is -2730C. Why?
  11. sreerajt

    System in lowest energy sate

    Hello friends... Please answer to this question… Any system always prefers a lowest energy state. Why??? Does this fact come from any physical laws?
  12. sreerajt

    Equation of resistance

    Voltage(V) is proportional to current(I). And so V=(a constant)*I. That constant is known as resistance(R), where R=V/I. Why can't we write that I proportional to V and then write R=I/V??
  13. sreerajt

    Photon's antiparticle

    Photon's antiparticle!!! It's said that photon is an antiparticle of itself. Also there are some particle following this property. How is this happening?