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    When will i come across it

    a(x2+y2)+bz2=c what is the shape of the surface for different values(+ve, -ve) of a,b,c. i wanted to know in which class i will come across these things. i found this while solving a physics problem and i have no idea about the shape of given surface.
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    Induced charge distribution

    Homework Statement two infinite conducting plates 1 and 2(both grounded or connected by a wire so that their potential is same) are separated by a distance l. A point charge q is located between the plates at a distance x from plate 1. find the charges induced on each plate. Homework...
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    Limits problem

    Homework Statement find: lim x\rightarrow0 (x+2)tan-1(x+2)-xtan-1(x) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution lim x\rightarrow0 (x+2)tan-1(x+2)-xtan-1(x)= lim x\rightarrow0 [x(tan-1(x+2)-tan-1(x))+2tan-1(x+2)] Homework Statement Homework Equations The...
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    Grounded metallic plates

    Homework Statement Suppose there are 2 mettalic plates 1(left)&2(right). Left plate is grounded and right plate is given surface charge density sigma. Now since potential of left plate is 0, so there is no potential difference difference between infinity and plate and since field has to be...
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    Fluid mechanics,interesting problem

    Homework Statement An open-topped vertical tube of diameter D is filled with water up to a height h.The narrow bottom-end of the tube ,of diameter d, is closed by stop . when the stop is removed ,the water starts flowing out through the bottom orifice with approximate speed v=√(2gh). However...
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    Range of cot inverse

    Homework Statement i wanted to know ,why is the range of cot-1(x) (0,π), unlike tan-1(x) which has its range (-π/2,π/2). because for sin and cosec inverse range is same, for cos and sec inverse range is same. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Homework Statement...
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    Physics olympiad book suggestion

    i am in class 11 and have recently completed my mechanics and thermodynamics. i want to participate in physics olympiad .i used resnick halliday ,irodov problems and iitjee related books.but the problems that come up at olympiads are typically harder than the problems in those books. so is...