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    Accelerating Universe and the Loss of Mass

    I had a thought the other day that I would quite like feedback on: Could the universes accelerating expansion be fuelled by the amount of mass in the universe decreasing? Is it possible that a black hole could become so massive that it tears away from/gets pinched off spacetime, how much mass...
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    Dark Matter and black holes

    If dark matter has mass, interacts with gravity, and is pervasive then why isn’t it gathering at points of mass and turning all the suns into black holes?
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    Magnetic Energy

    I place two permanent magnets on a desk so that their poles are orientated for attraction. I take my hands away and they move towards each other. Where does the energy come from? Are the magnets now slightly less magnetic?
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    Solar Windmill

    How fast could a space based windmill turn when driven by the solar wind? Would such a device produce more or less energy than a solar panel of the same cost?
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    How much light does your average home mirror reflect?

    A few questions about mirrors: 1) How much light (as a percentage) does your average home mirror reflect? 2) How much light (as a percentage) does a very high quality mirror reflect? 3) How much does a very high quality mirror cost? Thanks.
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    Doppler shift and relativity

    I’m on a train sitting next to an open window - it’s a bit stuffy - travelling towards a station. A siren is sounding at the station. As I travel toward the siren its pitch is higher that it would be if I were stood on the platform. Once I have passed the siren and I’m moving away, its pitch...