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    Macroscopic vs. microscopic

    Several times I've listened to Brian Greene talk about string theory and say that General Relativity is a macroscopic theory but Quantum Mechanics is a microscopic theory. Do you think it could be otherwise? I know that this is an accepted "dogma" that is often repeated by others but I...
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    A New Kind Of Science

    Stephen Wolfram's A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE is the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced in my reading. If his book was a program it would be analogous to making a long journey to the edge of the universe in search of the meaning of life ony to be left in the end asking 'That's it?' Nada...
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    Classical physics and h

    I would like to acquire white hat on planck's constant and classical ideas regarding quantum mechanics and the origin of planck's constant. For example, Timothy Boyer suggests a classical derivation of blackbody radiation by employing stochastic electrodynamics ideas. Dr. Hestenes proposes a...
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    Intro to differential forms

    I like the Geometric Algebra approach to incorporating differential forms into physics that is taken by Dr. David Hestenes and contained in his numerous works over the last few decades but see no mention of Geometric Calculus here. Are you familiar with it...