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    Inverse of a square matrix in C

    Hello all. Iam trying to implement an algorithm which involves several matrix inversions.The algorithm is an extended kalman filter which is a recursive one. Can anybody help me in writing a C program to solve the inversion problem or any good links? thanks in advance..!
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    Gyroscope for angular rotation

    hello all.. Iam using LPY5150AL Breakout gyro. I have connected to a PIC16F877A microcontroller.The problem is that iam getting outputs of gyro around 1100 -1300 deg/sec when i rotate the axes.I donot know whether these values are correct are not??can anyone help me out..! The formula used is...
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    Mechanical shaker for vibration testing

    Hi all. Iam trying to find out an mass-damper-spring equations for a 1-DOF mechanical shaker for the purpose of plant model equation.Further, this equation is used in kalman filter algorithm with measurement model of an accelerometer. Can anyone help??? Thanks in advance...!
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    Sensor fusion using extended kalman filter

    hi all, m trying to implement sensor fusion of two three axis accelerometers data.can any one help me in modelling this sensor and fusing for state estimation using EKF??? thanks in advance.!!